A fine line between being an ideas woman/man and having an inability to focus

There is a VERY fine line between someone who can spew out the most brilliant ideas and someone who lacks focus and operational skills. Many entrepreneurial organizations fall victim to the latter. This A.D.D.- like trait can really be a challenge to work with when trying to drive a business forward.

Let’s emphasize here that ideas men/women are absolutely essential to have within an organization. If you don’t have someone or a group of people to really drive this role – you are running a serious risk of quickly getting buried under competitive players. However, while great ideas can help position your company as “innovative”, “cool” and people may see you as a great resource to turn to for information and insight, ideas can only take your business so far.

And so what do you do when you have a whole bucket of great ideas? Pick a few that are in-line with your overarching business strategy and then F-O-C-U-S on following  ALL the way through to the very end: you don’t want to be left with anything that is half done.

On a general note, business successes are certainly not the result of solely a great idea – I can pretty much guarantee that even your core business idea once existed from someone else years ago – perhaps, even decades back. Just think to yourself how many times a great business emerged where you thought to yourself “CRAP! I thought about that idea years ago!” Well, case and point: business related ideas are just ideas until someone with business strategy, operations and management skills scoops it up and flips it.

My main take away point is to make sure that you are maintaining a balance of a constant inflow of innovation and experimentation while ensuring that those that are taken to full implementation make sense for your business on the high level. Most of the time these two roles, 1) the creative idea generator and 2) the business and operations strategist aka. make stuff happen engines are not successfully lead up by the same person or people – which is O.K. Just make sure you invest in having strong ammo behind both – in one way or another.

Thoughts? As always, I’d love to hear them.